Family genealogy

If the contents of human DNA were presented in the form of an encyclopedia, some 500 volumes of 800 pages each would be needed.

What a story!

But above all, so many stories to bring out of oblivion!
What if you were to pass on your incredible “intangible family heritage”, the story of those who came before you?

But it’s not easy. Reconstructing a pedigree in a reliable and documented way requires availability and experience born of intensive practice.

Stuck on a specific search?

A dead end is the place of my most beautiful inspirations
Milan Kundera, Risibles amours

Classic genealogical research :
– Agnatic (paternal line) and/or cognatic (maternal line) ancestry, with or without siblings,
– Descendants (with or without siblings).
Specific searches: military, land, notarial, judicial or any other series of archives in national, departmental or municipal repositories.

KLR’s motto, “Your history, our impetus”, is not just an empty phrase: we love a challenge and deploy a wealth of resources to find the file of an abandoned child, a naturalization decree, a land file, the place of origin of an ancestor, an emigrant ancestor, the location of a grave, a military file, or any other difficulty preventing you from going further in your research.

KLR accompanies you to the heart of “your” history, bringing your ancestors back to life, beyond a simple identity and a few soulless dates.

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