Life story

Your story, our momentum!

The intention is beautiful: to offer our loved ones a life story, in the slightly crazy hope that what we once were will survive us, ride the ark of time and still charm our descendants a few centuries down the road.

Carefully record in a modern “book of reason” what we know about the joys, tragedies, greatness and smallness of our forebears, our great-grandfathers and our descendants. A sort of family Noah’s Ark, unsinkable. Yes, the intention is good, but how do we go about it? And above all, when to do it in the maelstrom of our galloping lives?

KLR proposes to meet and collect the testimonies and memories of your elders, or of you yourself if the aim is to set your life story in stone. Based on your family archives, our genealogist will structure, edit and print the book that you will pass on to your family. It’s sure to be a wonderful human adventure.

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