The importance of a medical prescription is measured by its length and the quantitative number of drugs prescribed, and is more or less followed to the letter depending on whether the handwriting of the doctor who wrote it is more or less legible“.

Pierre Dac, “Pensées” (1972).

Who hasn’t experienced the loneliness of the reader left at the door of a stubbornly hermetic cluster of words? The handwriting of registrars, priests and notary clerks, whether hurried or careless, raises questions for us across the centuries, and is frequently the source of errors and dead ends.

The specificities of the language used and the period studied make the matter even more complex, and not all of us have the leisure to work on paleography using the many tools available on social networks.KLR will help you overcome any obstacle, whether it’s an ancient notary’s office, the Latin of parish registers or German. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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